Music Lessons in the Sunset - Testimonials

Below are some comments from current and former students:

"I came to Duane as an adult beginner who wanted to learn jazz piano. I knew this would require a foundation of theory and chord structure that would allow me to improvise and expand well beyond the written score. Duane listened to my goals and priorities, then fashioned an approach that addressed all of my interests and avoided the kind of rote practice and memorization that I had feared. He is patient, supportive and collaborative as a teacher -- and he is passionate about the music and his craft without ever generating pressure or "performance anxiety" in me as a student. What higher accolade than to say I thoroughly enjoy every lesson?"
Jeff G.

"Duane is a great piano teacher who is patient, helpful, and really kind! I am fairly new to the keyboard but Duane gave me the confidence and guidance to start playing and composing music. Awesome teacher!"
Alicia S.

"Duane is knowledgeable with improvisation on the piano. He is patient and listens to goals and desires of students. He does not push an agenda but let's the student steer the direction of the lessons."
Ricky M.

"Duane is a wonderful person with an adventurous spirit. He's taught me how to play, like playing with colours, experimenting and finding what's beautiful, while keeping correct to the basics of music. I feel he understands his students well and molds his teachings to suit the student. His passion for music has given me much more than I've expected, not only that, he's genuinely a great person to know."
Ayumi M.

"Duane's knowledge of music and his expertise with the piano has greatly helped me to progress and has made learning to play enjoyable."
Audrey M.

"He is extremely patient with me and allows me to enjoy each lesson while playing the music that I like."
Eddie C.