Music Mentor and Coach in San Francisco

My name is Duane Frybarger and I am a teacher of piano, guitar and ukulele at my studio in the Sunset District of San Francisco. I have many years of experience teaching music in all levels and styles and emphasize making music and playing songs that students enjoy from the first lesson. I have many years of experience in composition, arranging and improvisation and can teach these elements along with all the basic elements of traditional music theory, including reading music notation and understanding melodic and harmonic structure.

My experience in music covers more than fifty years of performing piano (everything from private parties to concerts and live radio), many decades of composing (including two self-produced CDs that received extensive airplay) and more recently, developing skills in guitar, ukulele, voice and harmonica. Not only am I a life-long musician, but more importantly I am still excited about playing music and teaching others how to play. My extensive experience in composing and arranging mean that I have an understanding of harmony and theory that can help you find your own path to understanding what are really very simple concepts. Please visit the listening room for samples of my piano performing and arranging and MIDI compositions (two complete CDs are available to stream)

Rates are $60/hour or four one hour lessons for $200 at my studio in the Sunset District of San Francisco.