Music Lessons in the Sunset - Listening Room

Below are some samples of my ukulele playing as well as compositions and arrangements on piano and for MIDI orchestra

This is my piano arrangement of the classic Brazilian tune, "Dindi" by Antonio Carlos Jobim

This is my piano arrangement of the timeless Brazilian tune, "Triste" by Antonio Carlos Jobim

This is an ukulele improvisation played on a Pono Mahogany Tenor (tuned to Bb)

My first CD was released in 1996. It was composed using keyboard sequencers and computer programs (Cakewalk) and various sounds from keyboards, sound modules and drum machines. It is a blend of world beat, ambient soundscapes, smooth jazz and more. It was a compilation of the previous four or five years of compositions and the wide range of styles were heard on more than 135 radio stations on four continents. The name Pangaea World Orchestra came from the super continent of Pangaea which covered the earth 250 million years ago. It eventually broke up to create the continents of today's world, but the technology of the internet has made the world once again connected and the technology of MIDI and home recording allowed me to perform and record this entire album in my home studio. This album was dedicated to my dear friend, Cathy Workman, whose untimely passing at the age of 42 inspired me to create this work.

The album "A Road Less Traveled" was written, recorded and released in the Spring of 1998. The third track "Inside the Moment" was inspired by the Olympic Gold Medal performance of figure skater Tara Lipinski. This is album is all quiet, relaxing orchestral instrumentals with the exception of the title track which is a New Age piano solo.